Laramee Love

The Thomas Family

I had the opportunity to go to ‘the farm’ to photograph the Thomas family and I could not have been more excited to be there!  ‘The farm’ is well over 250 acres of beautiful woodlands scattered with a few rustic barns.  Oh, and hundreds of bugs.  HUNDREDS.  By the end of the session, I even had one that managed to crawl up my pant leg and several others hitched a free ride with me back to my part of Clarksville, TN.  But it was all worth it because the pictures of the Thomas family turned out beautiful!  And ‘the farm’ itself was such an amazing place to feel disconnected from the busy day-to-day world that most of us live.  I am so happy that they shared this special place with me, and in return I pleased to share these special memories with them!

August 31, 2018

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