Laramee Love

Rachel and Seth

I got to go back to ‘the farm’ on a lovely cloudy day for Rachel and Seth and the girls! Carlee and Ariana were so precious and they had a lot of fun showing me some of their favorite things around the farm. They showed me the horses, Snowball and Brownie; one is white and the other is brown. Obviously very appropriately named! First the girls climbed over the fence and then opened the gate for me so I wouldn’t have to climb. Snowball and Brownie were very friendly and were very willing to be pet. However, by the time we were done, the horses had inched so close to the gate that I thought I’d have to climb the fence myself in order to get out! I really enjoyed getting some photos of the girls. While in fact Carlee and Ariana are not blood related, they really did seem like sisters out on the farm. They shared special moments giggling, holding hands, and climbing fences and hay bales (thanks Seth for lifting them up!). I am very glad Rachel and Seth jumped into a few photos with them too! Thanks Rachel for driving me and my own child out there for a lovely evening, although my child didn’t seem to enjoy herself as much as the girls!

September 23, 2018

Baileyana Rose