Laramee Love

Baby Ellie

Baby Ellie is so sweet! It also helps that she has the sweetest mom (and dad!) who let me come hang out with them in Charlotte, NC for the day. It was really fun watching Ellie roll around on her play mat and sit up in my lap like a big girl. It is amazing how quickly babies grow and change. Savannah came with me, and it was so neat to watch her interact with the baby. Maybe one day Savannah will get a chance to be a big sister; she’s already proven with Ellie multiple times that she’d be very good at it!

It was VERY cold and overcast the day I took these pictures of Ellie, but that didn’t slow her down one bit! Ellie was very inquisitive during her session and kept right on watching me behind the camera, which is how I ended up with so many cute pictures of her! Ellie and her family live in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of paved walkways and even this quaint lake with the fountain in the middle. Sara and I took the two girls for a little walk before settling down by the lake to try a quick photoshoot for Ellie. I wanted to try to get a few of Savannah too, but she was not interested and wandered nearby happily eating goldfish (featured in almost all of her sessions…). Thank you Ellie and Sara for such a great day!

December 9, 2018

Baileyana Rose