Laramee Love

Snow in NC!

Parts of central North Carolina got up to 12 or more inches of snow this past weekend! Sadly, it didn’t last too long as it then rained and the temperatures increased. For those of you who live or are from central North Carolina, you are very familiar how much of an impact this much snow can have on the community. Grocery stores are void of milk, eggs, and bread and NOBODY knows how to drive. Usually abandoned cars are piled up along the side of the road and most businesses are closed.

But the landscapes coated in a white blanket are just breathtaking! My parents took a 1 mile walk around their neighborhood during the peak of the snowstorm and sent me amazing images from just their phones! Sadly, I was in South Carolina at the time, and we received only rain, drizzle, and cold. I headed back to North Carolina a day or so after the big event, and luckily temperatures were still cold enough that the shady backyard at my parents house maintained the white luster for a few more days.

My daughter loved walking through it (though a bit slick once it turns into slush!) and I was able to capture a few photos of her. Per usual, she wouldn’t smile at the camera and honestly would barely even look at it. She’s actually watching a car drive down the neighborhood street behind me in the photos. Today, I planned to utilize Grandma to help me get her to smile for a few photos today, BUT alas the snow is now 95% melted at this point, so I will share what I have now and maybe we can capture a smile with the next snowstorm! A white Christmas perhaps?

December 14, 2018

Baileyana Rose