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Red Rock Canyon

My parents came to visit us in Colorado Springs to help us celebrate Savannah’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe two years have already flown by since she was first introduced into the world. I am so proud of how much she has learned and continues to learn every day. Although frustrating at times, she is my greatest joy and blessing. I am so grateful that some of her grandparents were able to help us celebrate her birthday. She also got many calls and texts (via me!) from friends and family which I am also very appreciative. Nothing quite gives you the warm and fuzzies like seeing how much other people also love your favorite little person.

Anyways! Back on track—this was my parents’ first trip to Colorado Springs, so we had a ton to show them! We went to a few museums, the top of Pike’s Peak (photos to come later), the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and of course HIKING! We took them to one of our favorite spots, Red Rock Canyon, not only because it is beautiful but because it also has some easier trails for those who aren’t used to the altitude yet (or are pregnant and get out of breath climbing steep hills… like yours truly.) We didn’t really have a plan once we arrived at the trail and adventure just kind of took off! Everyone seemed to really enjoy hiking and we even veered off on some more difficult trails which thank goodness my husband was willing to help me up and down some of the more unstable terrain, all while carrying a 25lb toddler on his back! I picked a good man!

I also brought my camera along for some impromptu photos and boy was I sure glad that I did! Luckily my parents were very willing to be subjects of some photos because we found tons of beautiful scenery and natural light as the sun was starting to go down. My dad insisted on a group photo at one point, so without a tripod, I’m pretty proud of the way the group photo turned out! Everyone is even looking at the camera (more or less), which with a toddler and a dog is no easy feat! We all really enjoyed ourselves and slept great that evening, even the dog 🙂

May 7, 2019

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