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Spring or Winter? | Colorado Springs Photographer

Even though we are fully in springtime, Colorado Springs had a relapse of winter yesterday morning on May 21st! Winter is my least favorite season, but I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful scenery since it was here. It’s not often that you get the dichotomy of green spring leaves covered in winter snow. In fact, there was so much winter snow, that several spring branches broke in our backyard under the snow weight. Yikes! The dog seemed to enjoy that part though; he was running around the backyard with full branches in his mouth, haha! True to Colorado Spring sayings however, the snow was fully melted by mid afternoon. Looking out in my backyard now, it is hard to imagine that this place was a winter wonderland under a blanket of 3 inches of snow less than 24 hours ago.

In order to truly appreciate the spring/winter day, I took Savannah and the dog on a photography tour around the neighborhood. On previous walks I had been eying several locations and have been dying to get some photos in those areas. Savannah really seemed to enjoy herself, and I even got a few smiles on camera from her: a real rarity! I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope this is our last bout of winter until Thanksgiving. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me.

May 22, 2019

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