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Disney Vacation! | Colorado Springs Photographer

Yes! You read the title correctly. We recently took a girls trip with Grandma to Disney World! After we spent a few days with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, we headed down to the magical world of Disney. It was so much fun, but also extremely hot and very exhausting. We are talking 95+ degree weather and a hot and bothered two year old. Not exactly a great combo, but we all enjoyed ourselves most of the time anyways.

Savannah recognized SO many characters this time, but often clammed up when actually getting her chance to meet them, oops! She smiled big time with Goofy, Pluto, Doc McStuffins, and Daisy Duck and wouldn’t stop talking about the Beast and Snow White. The only character she outright refused to acknowledge was Gaston, but having seen Beauty and the Beast, who can blame her?

The Disney World Resorts are literally a photographer’s dream. Beautiful landscaping everywhere and perfect light colored reflective sidewalks and buildings with gorgeous low hanging tree branches. I was drooling when we arrived and couldn’t wait to set aside a day to take a few photos. However, keep in mind that my clients were a two year old and her grandmother. While Grandma (“Gah”) understands where exactly I want her to stand for the best lighting and actually smiles at the camera, Savannah does not. I spent most of the time chasing Savannah around in hopes I could catch her in the perfect spot with the perfect smile. I swear, she sees the camera and runs the other way. She must have inherited the ‘I hate photos’ gene from her father, because it certainly isn’t a trait from me! Luckily, Grandma is a patient lady and happily scoops Savannah up on demand for a potential opportunity to take a good photo together. I managed to capture a few which I have posted below, I hope you enjoy! Maybe one day I will return back here to capture memories for another couple willing to participate. After all, Disney is the place where dreams really do come true!

June 17, 2019

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