The Szorady Family | Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs

This past Labor Day Weekend was definitely one to remember! My family and I went to the Labor Day Lift Off conveniently right here in Colorado Springs which consisted of 78 hot air balloons taking off from one of the local parks at 7 in the morning. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of getting up super early on my day off, it was worth it to see so many fun and colorful hot air balloons! The balloon festival was definitely an item on my bucket list and I was thrilled to have experienced it with my family. In fact, I loved it SO much, I went back two more days in a row to capture some photos of other families enjoying it as well!

The Szorady family was so much fun to photograph during the festival. Their boys were in awe with the hot air balloons and the festivities! I really liked watching the boys point out their favorite balloons as they were blowing up and taking off, like the Lion King! There actually was a giant lion hot air balloon wearing a crown along with several other atypical balloons like a scarecrow, a giant dinosaur, and a big red heart with wings! It was amazing to see such variety!

It was super crowded and a bit chaotic with the balloons blowing up and taking off all around us, so I am especially grateful that the Szorady family let me take a few photos of them during the whole process. I really loved the moments when Dad was holding each of the boys up on his shoulders so they could get a better look at the festival. Enjoy the photos!

September 7, 2019

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