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Obviously when you’re turning one you need to have at least 3 birthday parties, right?? Wrong. Oh well! Orion’s first party was a small celebration with his grandparents several weeks ago while they were in town. Secondly, even though he doesn’t understand what a birthday is, I still wanted to do something for him on his actual birthday. Therefore, his second birthday party was a very small intimate one in our backyard consisting of four in attendance: me, him, the dog, and the neighbor’s chicken. Lastly, his third and final birthday party was with some of his friends (mostly mommy’s friends) at the park over donuts and coffee. What a special month of celebrating!

His intimate second birthday party is the one I am writing about today. As mentioned before, the guest list was quite short, but the fun certainly was not in short supply!

He had gotten his 12 month check up earlier that day, and with turning one comes a new set of vaccines; naturally, he was very tired and took quite a long nap before the celebration. When he woke up, it was time to party! I quickly gathered up his party supplies–a slice of rainbow cake, a banner, and a few presents from friends and family–and prepared him for his second party!

As previously mentioned, the party consisted of Orion, me, the dog, and a chicken. Yes, a chicken. The chicken was not on the original guest list, but seeing as he refused to leave my yard, he promptly became a party guest. Orion thoroughly enjoyed watching the chicken walk around the backyard. It was a rather interesting sight. Additionally, our new friend seemed very curious about the party decor. I had to shoo him away several times once he got too close to the guest of honor.

You may be wondering, but wasn’t a dog also at the party? And YES! Jackson was there too, also enjoying watching the chicken. Prior to the party, I let Jackson chase the chicken around the backyard in hopes that the chicken would get the hint that he had overstayed his welcome. Chickens are quite fast when they are being chased by a dog! BUT, he did not get the hint. Since the chicken still insisted on staying, I calmed Jackson down, and he obediently sat near me while constantly keeping watch of our party crasher.

Now on with the party! After placing the rainbow slice on his high chair, Orion poked at it several times before he began stuffing a few handfuls into his mouth. It was certainly a better performance than his prior experience with a cake smash!

After he had had his fill and a face full of purple crumbs, I let him down to open some presents. His favorite part was the birthday cards. He was quite fascinated with them and tried to read each card himself. We sat together and I then encouraged him to open his presents. He played with the wrapping paper a bit, but otherwise seemed perfectly content to be hanging outside together on such a lovely evening.

Although the party was small and intimate, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I got to spend some one on one time with the birthday boy in the comfort of our own home. We enjoyed cake and smiles and made memories that will last a lifetime!

September 22, 2020

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