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It’s fall y’all! And it has been for several weeks! Fall is beautiful out here, although it seems our fall season is rather short compared to what I’m used to back in the South. In order to make the most of it, my mom and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch! I had been reading several reviews and ‘mom posts’ and felt that Wishing Star Farm would be a good choice for our little outing. I had read about lots of kid friendly activities, and it was luckily still open every day!

We went on a weekday to avoid some of the crowds which really worked to our advantage. After nap time and a quick snack, we all piled in to the car and drove out toward Colorado farmland. The drive was pretty familiar as it is basically the same route I took several months prior to go to The Paint Mines. Lovely stretches of farmland and open road: the perfect simple drive.

When we arrived, we were one of two cars in the parking lot; I was worried that they had closed and we missed our chance! But no. As mentioned previously, going on a Wednesday meant that we essentially had the whole place to ourselves! We promptly bought our tickets and headed inside the gates to begin our adventure.

Our first stop was at their petting zoo. They had sheep, a llama, goats and two kids (baby goats) for my littles to interact! Savannah was so excited to pet some of the animals and Orion initially was a little scared of them. The llama was kushing (sitting down) and vocally displaying her discontent at having to share hay with some of the other animals. She also didn’t seem to mind if you pet her, which is odd for a llama! Additionally, the baby goats were only 3 weeks old. So precious!

We enjoyed looking at some of the other animals including cows, chickens, horses, and even a camel! Camels are such odd looking creatures, but I always get so excited when I see them! My husband and I met at Campbell University where of course our mascot was… a CAMEL! So naturally, camels have some sentiment to me.

Next up on the to-do list was the pony ride for Savannah. Since she loved it so much at the beach, I thought it would be fun to let her do it again here! This time, she rode a horse named Sebastian. They did a few laps around the carousel with Savannah grinning from ear to ear.

From there we moved on to the hay slide and then played on an old firetruck. The hay slide was a little difficult for Savannah to get to because of the giant haystack supporting it. I had to lift her up in order to get her to the start of the slide. Luckily, after only two trips down the slide, she was ready to move on to the firetruck.

Savannah and Orion loved pretending to drive the firetruck. It had a huge steering wheel that was perfect for little hands. We had the whole truck to ourselves! Savannah was climbing up and over every seat and edge to explore. It was a great way to burn off some energy!

We played in a few other sections of the farm including an area with giant tires and small houses built from giant cable spools. Unfortunately the sun was setting fast and closing time was quickly approaching. We did a short tractor and barrel ride around the farm. Savannah enjoyed it, but I mostly got a face full of dust kicked up from the tractor. I don’t recommend that ride unless you’re a kid. Finally, we used the last few minutes to wander through the pumpkin patch and select a few to take home. It was hard to choose! It was a great day and I certainly recommend it!

October 25, 2020

  1. Lindy Wesney says:

    Thanks for taking us on the trip with you. Especially during these times when we can’t get out on an adventure ourselves. Happy to see the smiles on your babies faces, that’s proof that you made another memory.

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