The Weismiller Sisters | Colorado Springs Family Session

This sister session was so much fun! The sisters used their session to gift their mother a framed image of the two of them. I made sure to include a lot of photos of them laughing and having fun because I think that captures their personality and their relationship best! Both M and S have hearts of gold and are genuinely some of the kindest people that I know. They are both very trustworthy and personable and I really just enjoyed getting to spend a bit of the morning with them.

For their shoot, we went to one of their favorite hiking locations in Colorado Springs. Both M and S brought one of their dogs (each sister has two!) to the session as well which was really awesome. I always love meeting fur-children. And these fur-children were very well behaved!

The day of their session, a random snow storm was due to blow in that afternoon. The first part of the session was slightly chilly and sunny. Unfortunately by the time we finished, it had definitely gotten colder. Luckily both sisters chose warm sweaters to bundle up and look adorable. I also had a spare pair of gloves which we passed around throughout the session to keep our hands warm. The cooler weather was also the perfect excuse to get some photos with a blanket! That series of photos are some of my favorites; both girls giggling despite the cold conditions and beautiful light eyes that really shined!

M and S did fantastic. Despite their initial reservations about “modeling” for photos, they were both complete naturals. They both have very gentle smiles and amazing laughs that were easy to capture. I also loved watching them interact with the dogs–Moose and Evie. M and S took turns feeding the dogs treats trying to get them to sit for photos. Both sisters laughed pretty hard when Evie jumped up instead!

I had a great time with the sisters. I’m really happy with their photos and hope they cherish these photos as a reminder of their time in Colorado Springs!

August 30, 2022

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