The Worman Family | Bozeman Family Session

This family was so wonderful! I really enjoyed snapping some photos for them last week in Bozeman, Montana. Mom picked the Bozeman bridge park location and she did a fantastic job. I could not have asked for a better spot. The wide light colored bridge with lots of beautiful full trees on both sides was stunning. Likewise, the lighting through the trees was perfect–a huge blessing since it had actually been pretty cloudy earlier in the day.

Mom has been in Montana for a while, and after spending some time with her family in the park, it is clear to see why she has stayed for so long. Montana, specifically Bozeman, is full of gorgeous mountains on all sides, green trees, tall wispy grasses, and of course a quaint downtown surrounded by various parks. And of course Mom has such an awesome family! Each member of the Worman family had a unique personality which really blends them together perfectly.

Mom and Phil met over seven years ago at the gym and still continue to go for exercise. They had no reservations about showing some affection for each other in front of the teenagers which I thought was really sweet! They were also both on board with holding hands and linking arms with everyone which usually indicates to me that the family has a really good relationship with each other.

I know (although not yet from personal experience) that raising teens can be a challenging endeavor, but Mom and Phil seem to be doing all of the right things. Both A and B were very polite and personable throughout the session; they’ve got great role models! Mom and Phil were also very sensitive to the needs of A and B during the session. As a result we got some awesome group photos and individual shots in a timely manner. The family transitioned very smoothly between poses!

B was an amazing model. She has a beautiful smile with a natural laugh. She is tall and slender–the perfect build for a competitive gymnast. B has advanced to level 8 and I am very confident she will continue to do great things in her gymnastics career. Best of luck to you, B!

A was a bit more serious, but he did fantastic in front of the camera. He was such a natural and his posing was on point even without prompting. He is also super dedicated! I am so impressed that even at his younger age, he is working a job and also going to school. He will really be ahead of his peers when it comes to valuable life lessons thanks to his simultaneous commitment to school and a job.

The Worman family was so much fun to work with at a Bozeman bridge location and I am so grateful they let me capture some family photos for them on this bridge to treasure forever! Enjoy!

September 24, 2022

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