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The Benedict family of five was so much fun to work with! We did their family session near their home at a park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This location is actually very special to Mom and Dad; it is where they did their engagement photos over 10 years ago! It is so cool to think that this park has witnessed their transformation from the start as almost newlyweds into now Mom and Dad of three precious littles.

The Benedict littles have so much energy and love. Their little boy A was constantly running around and checking out new areas of the park. He may not have liked to sit still for very long, but he absolutely loved running up and hugging his mom! Any time I asked, he would run straight for her with his arms open wide and a giant smile on his face. He is a boy of action and he very clearly loves his family deeply and intensely.

Big sister E was very gentle and sweet with her family. She doted on her new baby sister and willingly gave soft kisses to Mom and Dad. I frequently spotted her holding baby sister Z’s hand and gently patting her back throughout the session. E loved snuggling up next to Mom and Dad and was such a great role model for her two younger siblings.

Little sister Z is the newest member of the Benedict family. She arrived at the end of the year last year and has been a perfect addition to their family. Z was so calm and happy for the whole session. She enjoyed being held by Mom and Dad whether on a hip, out in front, or up in the air. Baby Z was smiling constantly and seemed to like showing off her two new bottom teeth! She has the adoration of her two older siblings as evident in the photo of her receiving kisses from them both!

As previously mentioned, Mom and Dad have been together for a long time. They married almost ten years ago and were together for seven years prior to that. In fact, they have reached a point where they have been together longer than they haven’t been! I always love hearing stories like theirs and getting photos of Mom and Dad together without the kids. Even though they are now a family of five, Mom and Dad are still the foundation. Their love for each other is what grew into a supportive home filled with laughs, hugs, and warmth. They still share these emotions between each other, even after a decade. Dad still knows how to make Mom laugh and Mom still knows how to fit perfectly into Dad’s arms.

I really enjoyed snapping memories for the Benedict family. They are such a special family full of love. Their photo session captured some of these intimate moments for them to reflect back on for years to come. Enjoy!

July 21, 2023

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