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I recently helped out local book author Charles Euwema with some marketing photos for the promotion of his two new children’s books. I felt honored to be considered for such an important job and really enjoyed getting to play a role in supporting our local community.

Book author Charles Euwema is a Belgrade and Bozeman local who recently published two children’s books. Both books are now available on Amazon and here locally at Barnes & Noble!

He is a professional engineer by trade and according to his wife, a dreamer at heart. She describes him as a man with a mind full of imagination and wondrous ideas. Whether writing children’s books for his sons, making up songs for fun, or pondering his next great invention, Charles always lingers in creative spaces. He has now shared his creative mind with the world through the production of his children’s books About a Bee and Tink Tink Tink.

About a Bee was written while Charles and his wife Kelly were honeymooning in New Zealand several years ago. Driving across both islands, inspired by the extraordinary scenery, they started to consider a bee’s perspective of this journey. This book honors the bees, their incredible colonies, and their devotion to each other and the world around them.

The idea for his other book, Tink Tink Tink, came while hiking with his family. Book author Charles carried his 19 month old son on his back while Kelly, pregnant with their second son, walked beside him. During their hiking adventure, the sunny weather turned quickly into something much more serious. After finding a safe space, the family had a fantastic time dreaming up the many ways they could have fun. The rain, hail, wind, and lightening that day sparked the ideas for this playful short story.

The photo session took place at Charles and Kelly’s beautiful home in Belgrade. I enjoyed getting some time to interact with the Euwema family. Their family dynamics encompassed so much energy and happiness; it was contagious! The boys were so excited to climb up in their dad’s lap to read his books together. Kelly danced behind me to get the boys to giggle and Charles tickled them. The laughter and smiles overflowed!

Kelly’s unrelenting support of her husband’s dreams is inspiring. She shone just as brightly as him in discussion of their aspirations for the book and their future creations. Kelly and Charles are an amazing team full of so much joy and energy. I am rooting for them and can’t wait to read these stories while snuggled next to my own children! Make sure to grab your own copy of About a Bee and Tink Tink Tink!

June 22, 2024

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