The Conrad Family

We have officially moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado! On our 22 hour driving trip over 1300 miles away from Columbia, South Carolina, we made a stop in Clarksville, Tennessee to stay a few days with some friends and catch up with many others that we knew from our time at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It was a perfect place to camp out and inhabit the home of our dear friends the Conrads. And we also had the privilege of meeting their beautiful baby for the first time! Baby Zailey was a such a sweetie! She was so inquisitive and enjoyed watching my toddler Savannah wreak havoc on the living room and smiled regularly at me by the end of our stay.

I remember photographing Liz when she was pregnant with Zailey like it was yesterday and now this sweet baby is already 6 months old! It is truly amazing how quickly time flies and makes you appreciate the little moments like baby giggles and toddler snuggles.

We were so grateful to the Conrad family for opening their home to us for 5 days and being the most wonderful hosts. We had a real bed to sleep on for 4 nights which definitely topped the air mattress we had been sleeping on and are still sleeping on now until our household goods arrive in a few more days! During our stay with them, they carved out some time for me to take some family photos for them which I must say turned out great! Liz and baby Zailey have such a special bond, and it is precious to see how much Zailey giggles when her momma gently tosses her in the air. I got to spend some extra time with Liz and Zailey with their very own photo shoot on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Mike was also fantastic for letting me photograph him after he got home from a long day’s work…on a Saturday… AFTER working five long days prior! I was very grateful he participated in the photoshoot even though he was probably exhausted beyond belief! I managed to grab some lovely photos of the Conrad family right before a torrential downpour occurred.

We were very sad to say goodbye to them and to Clarksville as we continued our journey west. We hope our paths cross again soon, and in the meantime, I am excited to share the lovely photos I captured for them and hope they enjoy them for years to come!

April 7, 2019

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