The Adamczyk Family

I had the privilege of photographing this family the other evening, and they were so much fun!! The day of their photoshoot was an absolutely cloudless perfect beautiful sunny morning followed by a forecast of clouds in the afternoon and evening. I panicked slightly because I was hoping for a sunny evening to make the most of their photoshoot—but I quickly calmed myself because this is Colorado Springs, anything can happen right? Colorado Springs brags about 300 days of sun per year, so the forecast had to be wrong… right? Well, just as predicted by the professionals, clouds rolled in during the afternoon. And then even more clouds rolled in, the dark stormy looking kind with no end in sight. And I only had a hour and a half left before their scheduled shoot. Great. I contacted Emily to discuss our options and out of no where the sun pops back out. What?! And the stormy clouds disappear! A Colorado Springs native once told me, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” This phrase could not be more accurate. And thank goodness for that because the evening turned out gorgeous and their photoshoot was perfect!

The photoshoot was done on the golf course at Fort Carson which had absolutely beautiful landscaping with a lovely mountain backdrop. The family was so easy to work with including their dog Rosie who is featured in a few photos! I tried out a few kid friendly jokes in hopes of getting everyone to open up and relax, and it worked! The boys had a few jokes of their own which were hilarious and equally helped me feel relaxed and comfortable working with the family.

The family is full of so much love for each other and in general. Even though the boys initially told me “ew” when I asked them to take a photo with their sister, their interaction with her and among themselves clearly shows how much they care for each other. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them run around and chase each other between shots; their smiles were contagious and their connection to each other was genuine. Spending the (cloud-free!) evening photographing this wonderful family was special, and I hope you like the results!

May 16, 2019

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