Baby Laramee | Colorado Springs Photography

He’s here! Actually, he’s been here for well over a month but this is the first time I feel I’ve had enough leisure time to actually sit down and share him with you! Having one kid is exhausting but having two is exponentially so. Getting everyone ready in the morning is a full time job as it seems once one kid is settled the other starts to cry or needs something. Orion has been such a blessing to us though! And his sister Savannah has been so great with him. She enjoys bringing me clean diapers and wipes during his diaper changes. She also turns on his rocker and music while he’s sitting it it and gives him his pacifier if he starts to cry. It’s very sweet and we are so proud of her for being so great with him as having a new sibling in the house can certainly be a big adjustment.

It is amazing to me how different their personalities already are. He’s a bit more chill than Savannah was at this age and thank goodness he’s a much better eater than she was at this age! He’s putting weight on very well and we are just loving his sweet cheeks and chunkier thighs!

He has already been on several hikes in Colorado Springs and been to his first pumpkin patch. We are also very excited to do a unified theme this year for Halloween as a family! Keep an eye out for those photos; Orion and his sister will be absolutely precious!!

October 27, 2019

Baileyana Rose