The Farrar Family | Christmas Mini in Colorado Springs

I decided to get into the holiday spirit this year and try a Christmas Mini session, and I’m so glad that I did because I loved hanging out with the Farrar family during their session and am so pleased with how their photos turned out! First, let me start out by saying that I absolutely loved Anke’s skirt! The beautiful deep red tulle skirt was absolutely gorgeous, especially when paired with guys’ coordinating green and deep red sweaters and collared shirts. And even their dog Faith had on a matching red bow! It was perfect.

Anke had recommended Fountain Creek Regional Park as a possibility for their photos and the scenery was stunning. Even though it is basically winter here in Colorado Springs and the vegetation is in a slumber, the long grasses at the park gave a golden glow for their photos that was more than what I could’ve hoped for an outdoor Christmas session.

I enjoyed photographing this wonderful family. It was so sweet seeing Teddy read Christmas stories with his mom and dad. He was so cooperative and kept glancing at me with a huge grin in between pages! The atmosphere around the whole family too was very playful! Watching Teddy putting the Christmas lights necklace around his mom’s neck, his willingness to give kisses to his mom, and comfortably riding on his dad’s shoulders, this family clearly enjoys being together and knows how to have fun. One of my favorite shots was when I asked Anke to get close to David for a ‘mom and dad’ photo, and she jokingly but adorably threw herself across David’s lap! The resulting photo is perfect and again reiterates how much they’ve enjoyed each other’s company over the past decade of being together.

This session with the Farrars made me start to get super excited for the fast approaching holiday season (which I normally dread!) and I hope their photos put you in the Christmas spirit too!

November 16, 2019

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