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This wonderful couple is going to make the transition to roles as parents any day now!! They are expecting a baby girl in mid-January, so the countdown is on. This soon to arrive bundle also happens to be my newest niece, so I am very excited to meet her!

Michael and Stephanie will be amazing parents. I would say they are about as prepared as one can be prior to the arrival of a new baby, and baby Benedict is so lucky to have them. They recently transitioned from an apartment to a house so that baby girl Benedict will have her own room growing up. They also painted her room themselves and the style they chose certainly wasn’t easy to paint! They added some variation to the main wall which actually has 3 different colors on it. It’s pretty impressive and my brother jokes that if their day jobs fall through, they now have the skills to start a painting business, haha. They also have already made a dry run to the hospital so that when the final moment arrives, there won’t be any surprises. The only surprise they might have is what color her hair will be! Both Michael and Stephanie have dark hair, but there are a lot of recessive genes that run on the Benedict side of the family. Maybe she will look like me! That could be cool since my own children mostly take after their father (not fair).

I was very excited to take a few photos of them and my parents while everyone was visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday. Stephanie still has the pregnancy glow and looks amazing with a baby bump. And luckily she feels about as good as she looks! I hope that continues for her for the remainder of the pregnancy! And Michael was so sweet with my baby over the holiday; I loved watching him hold Orion! I know he will be just as gentle if not more so with his own baby when she arrives. And of course my parents are excited to be grandparents once again as is evident the the photos I took of them with ALL of their grandchildren.

We can’t wait to meet her!

January 3, 2020

  1. Debbie Benedict says:

    Our family get-togethers get more and more interesting with the new additions! The cousins are close enough in age that they will have a great time playing when they see each other.

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