Sayre Family of FIVE | Colorado Springs Newborn Family Session

The newest member of the Sayre family arrived a few weeks ago! Sweet baby Aubrey is the perfect addition to this wonderful family. I was so excited when Ally asked me to photograph them with their new precious bundle. The Sayres were one of the first families I photographed when we moved out here to Colorado Springs, and of course they were only a family of four then. It has been so great getting to know them on a personal level and watch their family grow into a party of five.

Little Aubrey is just the cutest! She was so calm during the entire session and really seemed to enjoy watching her family snuggle around her. She kept her eyes open watching them almost the whole time! Towards the end, Mom rocked her to sleep and my goodness nothing melts my heart faster than a precious sleeping baby. So angelic and peaceful, and this sweet girl is also so strong already! At just two weeks old, she was rolling into her side with ease in her crib. I was so amazed! She will definitely accomplish great things as she continues to grow.

Aubrey’s two brothers Hudson and Corbin are fitting well into their roles as older brothers. When I first arrived at their house, Hudson made sure to tell me that he wanted some photos of just him with his brother and new sister and some individuals of just sister by herself. He wanted to make sure he had all his bases covered and I found it very endearing how much he cared about getting good photos of his family. And they were so gentle with their little sister! Hudson was proud to hold her on the couch and both he and Corbin were so sweet giving their sister a kiss on the head. I really enjoyed watching them interact and got vibes of a wonderful loving home while I spent the morning with them capturing some memories!

March 4, 2020

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