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I’m sure by now you are all tired of seeing and hearing things about COVID-19, coronavirus, social distancing, social isolation, SARS-CoV2, self-quarantine, etc. No one is spared from the difficult times that we’ve all been going through, some having it more difficult than others. Some of you are ‘essential employees’ and still working full time if not overtime to keep people alive or keep things stocked and cleaned; some of you are working part time or are trying to balance the ‘work-from-home’ life; and some of you are venturing into the world of ‘home-schooling’ and learning the routine of a ‘stay-at-home’ parent for the first time; but we all have one thing in common: we are walking into the unknown.

It is a scary time for everyone. When will things open up again? When can I see my extended family? When can I stop wearing a mask to go to the grocery store? When will things be ‘normal’ again? And better yet, what will this new ‘normal’ be???

Despite all of the uncertainty, there have been a few silver linings to all this madness. I’ve never felt closer with my immediate family. We have been doing EVERYTHING together and I surprisingly have actually been enjoying most of it. Our spring break plans were cancelled, so we just hung out together at home going for walks, doing art projects, setting up a tent in the backyard, eating dinner on the deck, reading in the hammock, and watching Frozen II just to name a few things. Truthfully, I thought I was going to go mad being stuck with a toddler, a baby, and a husband for an entire week, but really it will probably be on of my favorite memories of 2020. It was so wonderful to just. be. together. which is something we take for granted in today’s technology driven and fast paced world.

Once ‘spring break’ was over, it was time to head back to the real world and get back to work, and as Elsa from Frozen II sings, go “into the unknown.” New policies and protocols at work were changing daily, if not multiple times per day. It all seemed a little chaotic, but I think that is also part of stepping into the unknown: not really knowing what to expect or where you’re going, just trying to reach a common goal and hope that you’re picking the correct path to get there.

May we all have the strength and patience to step and live in the unknown. As the pandemic progresses, I hope you too can see some of the silver linings the unknown has brought. Hug your family a little longer. Sip early morning coffee with your significant other. FaceTime old friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or dress up as your favorite Disney character and dance in the snow. If Queen Elsa can step into the unknown and come out better on the other side, then so can we.

April 19, 2020

  1. Audrey Sublett says:

    Yes, Christine, yes! Love your post and the sentiment. (Also, being one of Hannah’s favorite songs, Wyatt is learning to play Into The Unknown on his saxophone. Ha!) Much love from KY!

    • Christine Laramee says:

      How fantastic that Wyatt is learning to play one of Hannah’s favorite songs!!! Hannah probably loves that! Thank you for your comment!

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