Laramee Wedding | 5.9.20 | Colorado Springs Photographer

This past weekend, David and Ying officially tied the knot with a small intimate home wedding. We were so excited to help them celebrate the occasion! Since no officiant is required for marriages in the state of Colorado, David and Ying were able to personalize every aspect of their ceremony including the exchange of vows and rings. The ceremony they chose was very short and to the point and captured the sentiment and companionship that their relationship is built on. Ying was smiling as David gently held her hands for the exchange of vows and subsequent first kiss as husband and wife!

Ying looked absolutely beautiful in her brightly colored floral dress. The wedding was a perfect reason to get dressed up and enjoy the company of several loved ones. For a few hours, it was refreshing to feel like life was returning to normal amidst all of the chaos currently going on in the world. The love throughout the house was cheerful and uplifting, a perfect ray of light in an otherwise dark period of time we are all experiencing right now!

The wedding was at Ying’s sister’s house here in Colorado Springs and was filled with hospitality and conversation. I enjoyed getting to meet some of Ying’s family and seeing photos of many more. Our two children came to celebrate David and Ying as well and had a wonderful time playing with the balloon decor and “playing” the ukulele. After the ceremony, delicious dumplings and sushi from Mama Poke was enjoyed by all, complete with a sparkling apple cider toast for the newlyweds. Per American tradition, David and Ying proceeded to cut the cake together prior to serving it to their guests. It was a delicious red velvet cake, and even baby Orion enjoyed a few small bites!

We were very happy to be a part of this moment for David and Ying. We wish them all the best and a long and happy marriage full of love!

May 13, 2020

  1. Naomi Riddle says:

    So very happy for David and Ying. “ And The greatest of all is Love. “ God Bless

  2. What precious moments, even amidst the current craziness of life. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Chris C says:

    I hope intimate at-home weddings become a thing that is more common! Couples have the freedom to actually enjoy their day and not feel like they are planning their wedding to please others. Great photos of the lovely couple =)

  4. Taylor Moulton says:

    Very sweet and heartfelt <3 lovely photos

  5. Vhicky says:

    Congrats Antie Ying and David…lovely couple..❤ God Bless

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