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I love taking photos of my kids! But it is even more exciting when they cooperate!! I somehow managed to get my daughter all excited to go on Fort Carson and take pictures.

I often run around some of the trails on post because they are relatively flat and very stroller friendly, and on a run a few weeks ago, I saw some early wild sunflower plants growing along the side of one of the trails. I made a mental note to bring my children back here to try and get some sunflower photos when they were blooming. Again, I managed to get my daughter all excited to take photos with some sunflowers, and when we arrived to the area I had remembered, ALL of the sunflowers had been run over by an industrial grade lawn mower and all that was left were some broken stems.

I was completely heart broken. And even Savannah was disappointed. We managed to find a tiny cluster of sunflowers, but nothing very impressive. Still, she was very excited to pose with them, so I grabbed a shot or two.

But all was not lost! I had been eyeing another spot close by that had beautiful grasses and would be perfect with the sunlight in the mornings. The kids were still being cooperate (all of them), so I plopped them down in the grass, and voila! I’m pretty excited with how they turned out. Enjoy a few!

July 21, 2020

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