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This family is so much fun! I really enjoyed hanging out with them and capturing some photos for them. Allison and Jayson have been together for at over a decade and adore their boys and kids in general. I always feel that my own kids are well taken care of and safe when we spend time with the Szorady family. Wes and Jayce are always so full of energy and love playing outside on tire swings and playgrounds. This evening was no exception; the boys were so patient during the session and then enjoyed some time on the playground afterward.

I often run through this park and had been swooning over some of the beautiful locations and tall leafy trees that this park has to offer, so I was very excited when the Szorady family agreed to do some photos here. And it did not disappoint! The Szoradys arrived wearing fun colors and bursting with energy which made capturing photos of them very easy. The boys really enjoyed some candid moments twirling with Mom and running down the trail with Dad. Jayce’s smile in the trail running photos is so genuine and basically extends from ear to ear. He was so excited to have a sprinting event with Dad and Wes; it is hard to tell who won! It is so fun to watch moments like these unfurl and be able to capture it for the family to look back on and enjoy later.

Wes was also quite the superstar! Not only did he flex his muscles for me in a photo or two, but he also got some photography practice in on my camera as well. I must say, he is very talented! Some of the photos he took of his brother ended up being some of my favorite ones!

The evening was absolutely perfect. Beautiful weather, wonderful family, and lots of fun. Enjoy browsing through a few of the photos from their session!

July 24, 2020

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