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This family was a dream to work with! Julio’s retirement ceremony was today to celebrate his career of 20 years of service with the Army. Congratulations to him! During his career, he and his family have been stationed across all corners of the US, including even Hawaii! They have been on lots of adventures together and now it is time for them to place some permanent roots back in their home state Texas where their story began.

Prior to the retirement ceremony, Jessica wanted some photos of her family all dressed up and ready for the event; after all, this will probably be the last opportunity she has to snag some photos of her husband adorning his dress uniform for a special occasion! I am so glad they chose me to help them capture this memory, it was perfect! The weather was beautiful and sunny, the Garcia family looked stunning, and the location for their session was quiet with a lovely little bridge.

The Garcia family’s littles, Stella and Stefen, are absolutely precious. Multiple times during the session, Stefen naturally snuggled up to Dad during photos without any prompting. Loving family moments like that melt my heart and further affirm how wonderful this family is. Little Stella was very fascinated by all of the bright ribbons and buttons on Dad’s uniform and at one point couldn’t keep her hands out of Mom’s beautiful curls!

As I mentioned before, this family was absolutely a dream to work with. I wish they were staying in Colorado for a bit longer so I could continue to photograph their family growing up year after year! Regardless, I wish them safe travels on their way to Texas and all the best on starting new adventures and making memories together. And congratulations again to Julio on his retirement!

July 29, 2020

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