The Crockett Family | Colorado Springs Couples Session

This session was so much fun! I am SO happy we could find some time during their short week in Colorado for a photo session. Colorado is such a beautiful state and I hope photos from this session give them long lasting memories of their trip out here! I met Karolina and Sam many years ago while my husband and I were stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. Sam and my husband worked together and Karolina and I instantly clicked. She has such a bubbly and friendly personality and was alway up for spending time together whether getting pedicures, tagging along at a gun show with the husbands, or going for neighborhood walks on post.

The Crocketts as a couple too are so welcoming and kind; for my daughter’s first Thanksgiving, we didn’t get a chance to go home to see family, so the Crocketts invited us all (our dog Jackson included!) over to their house to enjoy dinner with them and their family. Place settings with colorful fall decor were perfectly arranged for all of us around their table and the Thanksgiving aromas from the kitchen were delightful. It was a very wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving and I am forever grateful for the long lasting friendship that has developed.

Naturally, I was very excited to get a text from Karolina that they were heading out this way for a family reunion and wanted to meet up! It is amazing how much time can go by and yet, when you’re with old friends, it doesn’t feel like any time has passed at all. The conversation was easy and I very much enjoyed their company both during their photo session and the following evening when they came over to my house for dinner and to meet the kids. Not only did they bring a few extra bottles of wine for me, but they also cleaned up my kitchen after dinner, including wiping down the baby’s highchair! Seriously, one of the nicest gestures beyond what I could have hoped for and it nearly brought me to tears right then and there.

Their photo session was done at one of my favorite parks in Colorado Springs during the peak of the major fires we had out here a week or two back; luckily we still managed a pretty clear view of the mountains behind them. Sam and Karolina with their dog Alaska are such a perfect little family! Karolina’s bubbly personality really shows when she is snuggled up close to Sam and smiling at him. They performed a few new poses for me that I had been wanted to try for couples and they delivered it perfectly! I am in awe over the ease at which they fit together and I absolutely loved watching them interact and act silly together between poses. Even after the wear and tear of Army life and living in New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisana and finally Texas together, they still look at each other with stars in their eyes. I am so happy to be able to call myself their friend and I hope we get to make it to their part of the country for a visit sooner rather than later!

September 4, 2020

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