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What an evening! I had so much fun snapping some great photos of Candice earlier in August. We set this session up under rather short notice and Candice still pulled it all off perfectly. She had an awesome rainbow colored dress that was long and flowy and perfect for our outdoor session at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Not only did Candice look amazing, but she brought her dog Daisy along too who’s tail matched Candice’s dress! How neat! I always love coming to Garden of the Gods; there is always something so magical about it and this trip out there was no different. The massive rock formations are just stunning and very awe-inspiring. It is so humbling to be connected to these millions-year-old pieces. Garden of the Gods was also a special location choice for Candice because it is where she married her husband almost a decade ago!

When we first started our session, the clouds were rolling in and we got a light sprinkle of rain. Although, as those of you from Colorado know, if you wait 10 minutes, the weather usually changes. Luckily, that is exactly what happened. After 10 minutes, the rain stopped and we were able to start heading over to the top of the trail. What a relief! But first, I grabbed a few photos of Candice with the umbrella!

Candice was such a natural! Her posing was so easy and she even came up with some good ideas for me to use. Some of the posing she did automatically ended up being my favorite images. I was so happy she was willing to go on a bit of an adventure to find some of the pretty backdrops of Garden of the Gods. The trail we picked is about a quarter mile to the top, and Candice hiked it no problem in her Converse-style sneakers and flowing dress. In fact, I feel like I was out of breath just trying to keep up with her!

Once at the top and after getting a few good shots of Candice twirling with her gown, the winds really started to pick up. Some times we used it to our advantage, and at other times, I was fighting to keep my hair out of my eyes enough to look through my camera.

The sun never did quite make an appearance while on the trail and more clouds kept rolling in. We were starting to wrap up when another round of light sprinkle started. Again, we used it to our advantage and got some pretty neat shots of Candice with a fine mist and light rain scattered in the picture. She looked absolutely beautiful with the wind blowing her colorful dress while accumulations of clouds and rain gathered around her.

Even more magical still, when we were leaving the park, a small rainbow appeared! How perfect! Candice in her rainbow dress in front of a rainbow! It was awesome. Candice and I quickly pulled off into the lower lot and ran out to grab a few shots. It was faint, but we still got it in one of her images. Such a neat coincidence or maybe perfect planning our part!

Again, I am so grateful she was willing to trek to some of the more difficult areas of Garden of the Gods! It really made for quite an epic photoshoot and certainly one of my favorite sessions yet! Thank you Candice!

September 1, 2021

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  2. Heather says:

    Wow! These pictures are AWESOME! Candice is so beautiful inside and out and you captured her perfectly on camera! I love every single picture!!!

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