The Sampson Family | Graduation Session in Colorado Springs, CO

Congratulations to Angelina! She graduated from a Medical Assistant Program this past spring, and I was so honored when she asked me to do a session with her and her family. She is such an amazing person! Not only did she graduate from this program on the President’s List for Academic Excellence, she also juggled working full time and raising two adorable boys! Way to go!

We did their family session in the morning at Fountain Creek Park just outside of Fort Carson, Colorado. This little park has quickly become one of my favorites areas to explore. It features a creek, two small lakes, lots of beautiful grasses, and miles of gravel trail. For my session with Angelina and her family, however, we mostly focused on the lakes and immediate surrounding area. Since it was early spring for this session, the trees were a vivid bright green and full of so much life! Their color really helped match the joyous mood and it seemed as though they were celebrating Angelina’s success as well!

Angelina looked amazing. She was going to receive her diploma a few hours after our session, so she was dressed ready to go. She had on a pair of heels with her cap and gown and her boys all wore various shades of coordinating blue.

I am so grateful she decided to wear her cap and gown for her photos. It was so much fun to do a few shots of her tossing her cap into the air. She even decorated the top of her cap as a tribute to the support from her family during her journey. Such a sweet way to honor some of her biggest fans!

Angelina’s mom also tagged along for the session, so naturally I grabbed a few shots of her with the graduate! Her mom was so proud of all that her daughter has achieved!

Her boys were so much fun! They had energy and smiles for days. They were so happy to be walking, holding hands, and kissing their mom on her special day. I think after the session, they treated mom to breakfast at one of her favorite restaurants! She definitely deserved it!

Now that Angelina has graduated with a Medical Assisting degree, she is working full time as a medical assistant. However, that is not her final destination. She has again enrolled in a school program, but now it is to get her nursing degree! This lady is on fire and I know her whole family is so proud! Keep on achieving your dreams, Angelina! You got this!

September 3, 2021

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