Brianna & Joe | Maternity Session

I was so excited to do this photoshoot at an epic location on top of Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs; but I am even more excited for these two to become parents! Their sweet baby boy is scheduled to arrive in February, and the way they decided to do their pregnancy announcement on top of a 6621 foot rock was so much fun!

First, after meeting in the parking lot, we had to hike ourselves, their two dogs, their change of clothes, some props, and my gear up to the top. We loaded up and started walking. The trail to the top is considered moderate intensity and boy did it sure feel like it at the time! However, after reaching the top, the views were definitely worth it. We could see majestic Pike’s Peak among the clouds, a highway of cars that looked miniaturized, beautiful bright white rock formations all around us, and even their house off in the distance! The top of Pulpit Rock gave us incredible 360 degree views and the perfect backdrop for their maternity photo session.

Once at the top, both Joe and Brianna changed out of their hiking gear and into their session attire. Brianna’s dress was a gorgeous flowing dress with large pink flowers that perfectly showed off her growing baby bump! She absolutely has the pregnancy glow and it looks amazing on her! Joe wore a simple long sleeved off-white top and jeans which perfectly complemented the brighter flowers from Brianna’s dress.

Brianna and Joe have been dog parents for several years now. They were certain that they wanted to include their fur babies in the announcement regarding their human baby. Vernon is the taller fluffy dog who came as a rescue from Egypt, and Bogart is the shorter cattle-dog mix who was originally Joe’s dog before Joe and Brianna became a family. Both Vernon and Bogart were so well behaved during the entire session!

Joe and Brianna created a sign announcing their pregnancy due date in February. The sign suggests that they haven’t told their fur babies about the pregnancy; it was so funny watching Joe and Brianna interact with the dogs and attempt to cover the dogs’ eyes or ears as if they were still trying to keep the secret of the pregnancy from them! I absolutely love the way those series of photos turned out, and even more so how happy Brianna and Joe were joking and smiling at each others’ attempts of ‘blindfolding’ the dogs.

Brianna and Joe already love their baby boy so much! They would both so gently and sweetly place their hands on Brianna’s baby bump during the session. They were also such naturals posing together! The flow was easy and they fell right into place next to each other. I am so happy with how all of those photos turned out. They are both such wonderful people and I am so excited to follow along their journey as a growing family! Congratulations Brianna and Joe!

October 23, 2021

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