Zach & Nicole | Couples Session

I just absolutely adore this pair! They are perfect complements for each other and I was so excited when they agreed to let me do a fall photo shoot for them… twice.

The first day we had planned out was a Monday evening in late September, when the summer foliage was being replaced by the start of fall colors. It hadn’t rained on Colorado in weeks, and suddenly on the forecast for Monday evening was a thunderstorm. What are the odds, right?

We met in the parking lot, it was bright and sunny. Nicole and Zach were finishing up the last of their preparations for the photoshoot and we could see some darker clouds off in the distance. We were still optimistic about doing a photoshoot even though the clouds started growing darker and drawing closer by the minute. The wind significantly picked up and the temperature definitely dropped. Would we have time??

We quickly walked to the location and I started snapping some photos of them. Not even 5 minutes had gone by when the rain started! The wind was also getting pretty strong, although it certainly looked pretty blowing across Nicole’s purple dress and tossing her hair. We raced back to the cars and rescheduled for the same time exactly one week later and hoped for the best. Despite the short session, I still got some great photos of them!

Luckily, round number two had much more cooperative weather. It was sunny and the wind was much calmer. An extra week also gave the trees another week to develop their fall color. Although still not quite in prime for fall, the colors were still a lovely mix of vivid green and early yellow which paired well with Nicole and Zach’s outfit choices.

I loved how much fun they had together! They were always laughing and smiling at each other which makes it really easy to capture true authentic images. I even managed to convince them to come out of their comfort zone and complete a dip and a kissing photo! Both, of course, which turned out adorable.

Nicole also came up with some great ideas during the shoot! She suggested taking photos by the fence; those photos ended up being some of my favorites from their session.

Zach and Nicole, I had so much fun with you guys! Thank you!

November 10, 2021

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