The Galaviz Family | Family Session in Colorado Springs, CO

This family was so much fun! Mom initially contacted me because they were interested in doing a special Halloween shoot. She told me that they had seen some inspiration on Tic Tok and was hoping to do a pumpkin head shoot! Initially, of course, I was very confused, but she sent me some of her ideas and I absolutely fell in love!

A pumpkin head shoot is exactly how it sounds. The subjects of the photo all wear a REAL carved pumpkin on their heads for different poses. How silly! I was so excited to do this shoot.

Before we dove headfirst into the pumpkin head shoot (pun intended, haha), we decided to meet a bit earlier and do some more traditional family photos as well. We used the last bit of daylight to capture some great photos of the family together, some of Mom and Dad alone, and some of the kids!

Big sis and little brother did great! They were both very cooperative and had amazing dinosaur roars when prompted. We had so much fun! I absolutely love the one of them hugging each other. It is so special to see siblings show much love for each other.

We also snapped a few of Mom and Dad together without the kids. That was fun to see how much they adore each other. They’ve known each other for over fifteen years! High school sweethearts like this pair are rare; and it is so amazing to think back about how much they’ve grown as individuals, as a couple, and as a family since high school. They have accomplished so much and now have the sweetest kids to be proud of as well.

After a few photos of Mom and Dad, it was finally time to start the pumpkin head portion of the session!! This part was so much fun! I was really surprised how heavy the pumpkin heads were, but it made for a great session! The Galaviz family did an amazing job and I am so happy I had to opportunity to work with them!

November 27, 2021

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