The Smith Family | Denver Family Session

I was very honored to photograph this special occasion several months ago! This family is a very loving blended family who needed photos for a photo calendar as a Christmas gift for great-grandparents. The combination of Mom, close family friend Katy, and the two half brothers X and D had never had professional photos together before, but they did fantastic!

Mom picked this location in Denver and I was so happy that she did. Somehow, we managed to get photos with one of the last trees in Colorado that still had some beautiful fall colors. This park was also right around the corner from their house; in fact, the boys and Katy actually walked to the location to meet me!

In the front of the park was a perfect climbing structure of deadwood that actually came from Katy’s front yard. She told me that after a bad storm, the tree had died. A man several days later offered to take it off her property to use in the park, so she agreed and here it is!

Both X and D had a very shy demeanor. And both are very tall! I am very glad that both of the boys warmed up to me shortly after meeting. Mom and Katy were both happy that I could get a photo of them together–smiling! Apparently that doesn’t happen often, but they were very cooperative for me! There is a lot of love in this small blended family.

I am also happy that the four-legged family member got to join us too. Both X and D have their own dogs, but X’s dog doesn’t get along well with others, so unfortunately he got left at home. It was so sweet watching D interact with his dog. It was very clear that he cares deeply for animals.

Katy and Mom are both such wonderful women. They were so easy to talk to and very compassionate people. Both of them gave me the impression that they would give me the shirt off their backs if I asked. They were also very supportive of each other and very uplifting. Each shared some information with me highlighting the accomplishments of the other. Their genuine personalities were very refreshing; I enjoyed getting to know them and chatting with them.

Meanwhile, the boys had a great time running around and exploring the park. In the back of the park, there was a small creek which had several ducks bobbing around. The natural grasses and bright bike bath through the park was just perfect for taking photos! Again, I am so happy that Mom suggested this location and I’m so grateful I got to meet them all. I hope you enjoy the photos!

August 18, 2022

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