The Farrar Family | Colorado Springs Family Session

This was my second time photographing this family, and it was just as special this time as it was the year before!  It is always fun to photograph families across time and appreciate how quickly children grow and change. 

We did this session several months ago at one of my favorite places in Colorado Springs.  I like this particular park because it has wide trails, lots of tall grasses and trees, and of course some beautiful mountain views of the Front Range.  For this session, we decided to take advantage of one of the downed trees.  It was the perfect spot to let T explore and capture some photos of his personality.  It also gave me a few moments to snag some photos of Mom and Dad.  Getting some shots of parents together is always really special! Mom wore a flowing Burgundy dress and looked amazing twirling around and laughing with Dad. 

They also brought along their dog Faith.  She is a border collie mix just like our dog!  She was gentle and calm–the perfect family dog.  And she looked amazing in her matching bandana.  Mom has always done a great job with coordinating outfits for her family.

Mom and Dad have been married for more than a decade and have lived and traveled across multiple continents together.  I always love the stories couples share about themselves and their adventures. It is so amazing to see how much time can strengthen a relationship. Mom and Dad definitely are strong both as individuals and as a couple! I personally know they have managed multiple deployments, distance, and unexpected medical issues including a broken foot and pet injuries just to name a few. Despite these challenges, Mom and Dad seem as solid as ever. They are the foundation for their family which supports T wholeheartedly. I was so honored to capture lasting memories for them that evening.

This family is always so easy-going during their sessions. Mom and Dad snuggle right up to T and they were open to all of some fun new posing ideas, including Mom twirling in her dress and a dip!

The temperature changed quickly the lower the sun set in the skin, so we had to move fast. Everyone kept up with the pace and completely nailed the session! I am so happy how these photos turned out and I hope you enjoy viewing them!

August 17, 2022

  1. Anke says:

    Thank you so much for taking these amazing pictures and for your kind words. We will miss you as our family photographer. If you find yourself back in the Springs or near Fort Bliss next year, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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