The Marsh Family | Bozeman Family Session

This family photography session was particularly special because all of the Marsh family was in town for the extended holiday weekend. The Marshes are a multi-generation Montana family with grown up kids out developing their careers and settling down. Between living in different states and full time employments, coordinating schedules to meet up can be tricky; but they did it! And it was so much fun!

Mom really wanted to get some updated family photos and updated individual photos of her children and of her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Some of the photos hanging on her walls at home now are 13 years old! It was time, and there’s no time like the present to capture memories of your loved ones.

We met at a popular trailhead in Bozeman for the session. The location we picked was down by the section of trail that crosses a creek and is filled with lots of light and beautiful spring foliage. We were very fortunate that the sun peeped out after an afternoon of thunderstorms and hail less than 24 hours prior. It was perfect.

This family was nothing but giggles and laughs throughout the session. They shared inside jokes, one-liners, and intentional goofy posing that kept the mood light and cheerful. I really enjoyed watching them interact and seeing how comfortable they were “letting loose” around each other. Likewise, it was endearing when they fell into natural posing without prompting. The girls rested their heads on their brothers’ shoulders during the session and the soon-to-be-newlyweds were constantly smiling at each other. Natural posing like this gave a strong sense of connectivity within the family which I admire.

Additionally, they all seemed to follow along on the same wavelength, as evident when it comes to things like outfit choice. Mom told me afterwards that they didn’t officially plan a color theme for their session. She told the kids individually to wear something that made them comfortable and that they liked. Lo and behold, they all coincidentally coordinated with a variation of two to three different colors! How cool!

Mom and Dad have been married for over 25 years and have raised 4 children together. Mom spoke proudly about her children and their accomplishments with me both before and after the session. The ‘kids’ are currently establishing careers and figuring out their own paths while still staying connected to each other. They seem to have pretty open communication and a willingness to help each other; both amazing qualities to have in a family. And what’s more, the Marsh family is officially gaining a new family member next year when their oldest son gets married. She clearly already fits as a cherished member of the family!

I really enjoyed this family photography session with the Marsh family and getting to know them a bit. They are such a happy group. I am glad I could capture some special moments for them to preserve forever. Enjoy!

June 2, 2023

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