Engagement Session for Brian & Miriam | Livingston, MT

This wonderful couple was a complete dream to work with! I am so happy they chose me to take some engagement photos for them last weekend. It was so much fun and will certainly be a session I will remember forever.

For those of you who live in the Bozeman area, you know that we have been having a lot of thunderstorms lately. My yard is certainly green, but I was very worried we would have to change the date of Brian and Miriam’s engagement session due to thunder and lightning. I was continuously checking the weather to see if I could predict whether it would be safe for us to proceed. Luckily, all of the stars aligned and we were able to start on time and finish without interruption. I am so thankful!

For this session, it was important to them to do some photos on Brian’s family ranch located about 30 to 40 minutes outside of Bozeman, Montana near a smaller town called Livingston. They wanted to be somewhere with beautiful views and somewhere more private and away from people. Both of these goals were achieved during their engagement session! My jaw dropped open multiple times throughout the evening just stunned with how beautiful it was out there. Likewise, we did not encounter a single other person out on the property (luckily, because it’s private property!).

No one said anything about farm animals though! And we certainly encountered those!

When I first got there, we decided to head straight up to one of the overlooks and work our way down the mountain. Brian chose a sky blue button down that was perfectly complimented by the distant mountains. Miriam looked radiant in her flowing white shirt with her hair blowing gorgeously in the gentle breeze that evening. The two of them together were a vision.

We hopped into the “side-by-side” ATV with Brian behind the wheel. He drove us literally over streams, through fields, and up the side of a mountain. It was quite a fun experience. Once at the top, Brian and Miriam fell right into place holding hands, laughing and just genuinely enjoying each others company. It is always a relief to work with such easy going couples like Brian and Miriam. They are so happy together and it shows in the way they interact and embrace each other.

Additionally, I loved hearing about their first date at a local Mexican restaurant in Livingston and their first time meeting each others’ parents. Stories like these are always some of my favorites. The two of them would just laugh with each other during the re-telling of their stories and experiences together. And Miriam has the sweetest laugh! I love that Brian can bring out one of her many amazing qualities so easily. It truly was a joy to watch them together.

Part way back down the mountain, we stopped to have some fun in the blooming purple lupine fields. What a cool experience to see a couple in love walk hand and hand through a gorgeous flower field with majestic mountains in the background. Brian and Miriam could have been straight out of a scene from a romantic movie. I am so happy I could capture that moment for them. It was perfect in every way.

Continuing on down the mountain, we stopped just inside the pasture with the tall grasses. The cows came walking up and seemed happy to cheer on Brian and Miriam. It made for a neat experience and really captured the vibes of taking photos on a ranch.

This engagement session with Brian and Miriam is easily one of my favorite sessions. I am so happy with how their photos turned out. I hope many years from now they fondly remember these special moments before they officially become united as husband and wife! Best wishes to them both!

June 18, 2023

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